Below you find a collection of useful tools for your Mac.

Where's all my hard disk space gone? 

Sounds familiar? You bought the most expensive MacBook Pro with 500GB of storage. And suddenly there's only 50GB left. Why? How? Where's it all gone? 

There are some useful (and free) apps that let you dig into your file structure and find out what files are filling up your drive.

Disk Inventory X is a great app that displays the different file types of a folder or your entire hard drive. It works great but is a bit slow. 

Grand Perspective does a similar job and is a lot quicker compared to Disk Inventory X. However, I think (and that's a purely personal preference) that it's not as good looking. 

Finally there's JDisk Report (based on Java). JDisk Report displays a nice pie chart with details of your drive (or folder). As it's based in Java, you will see all folders (including hidden and system folders) when you choose the folder to display. While this isn't a problem for experienced users, it might be a bit troublesome for "normal" users to get used to. 

There are also paid alternatives such as "Daisy Disk" that do a similar job. And granted, personally I think Daisy Disk presents the data in a nicer way. But you need to purchase Daisy Disk for HKD 80 while the other apps above are free and do the same job. 

My suggestion: Download all three, try them out and choose. I ended up using Disk Inventory X. 



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