Hong Kong Mac User Group  - Who we are


On March 1, 1987 a few Mac users teamed up together to form the first Macintosh group in Hong Kong. The "Hong Kong Macintosh User Group" was born.

For those of you who know Apple's history, you will know that the second half of the 1980s and the 1990s were difficult times for Apple.  

Steve Jobs was sacked , Apple lost its visionary. IBM and Microsoft constantly gained market share. 

Macintosh users back then were a small community. One knew each other, helped each other, programmed together. And since there was no internet, the meetings took place every few weeks "offline".  Even Apple customers were invited to join the “AppleClub” and were issued a fully coloured and glamorous credit card style membership card by Apple. Such was the rarity of the early and bold that would Think Different.

Fast forward today. Apple has reinvented the phone and tablet computer. In fact, Apple is less about the Mac but more about the i-devices. 

And still, we at HKMUG meet once a month to discuss our passion - technology and Apple products. But nowadays, it's not about programming but about meeting new people, discussions and having fun.

Check out our events page and drop by the next meeting.