The HKMUG Committee

Hong Kong Mac User Group is a registered non-profit organisation in Hong Kong. According to the HK Community Ordinance, each organisation needs to elect a committee. Below you find the committee as of March 2016. 


John Greene, Chairman


Though born in Hong Kong, John spent many of his early years in Blackrock, Ireland with zero exposure as a student to anything resembling a computer. Digital calculators were so new on the market they were banned from school exams. Returning to Hong Kong in 1979 and working with Jardines at Kai Tak Airport John experienced using a teletext machine punching holes into streams of paper ribbon and later a PC Terminal when the airlines converted from manual check-in to networked systems, though the offices were still using carbon copy paper and heavy duty typing machines with red and black (almost dried out) ribbons.  

In 1984 John became self employed and in 1988 he invested all the money he had into a great computer... well, word processor... the AMSTRAD PCW8512 (whopping $6,000) which ran everything (OS and save files) off a single-sided 720KB removable floppy disk and had a revolutionary 512 Kb RAM for really huge large documents and printed onto it’s own dot-matrix printer... AWESOME ! Ten years later when Apple computers had reached small office strength and come down in cost, John bit the bullet (as these were $16,000 - several times the cost of a PC) and jumped on the Apple bandwagon with a Performa LC475 “School Edition – had a floating point unit” with an amazing 80MB internal HDD, and a 25 MHz Motorola 68LC040 CPU, colour built-in screen and superb rainbow coloured Apple logos. Since then, John has been what is universally known as a “Mac Addict”.

John’s other passions are rugby and snooker, and he is involved also with Special Educational Needs (SEN). In his free time, John enjoys roaming through the food scene in Hong Kong (he has an insatiable appetite) and spends his money on all kinds of gadgets. His favourite Apple supplier is New Vision Computer which for the past two decades has supplied John and his office with all of their Apple and gadgetry needs.

John has been an avid Hong Kong Macintosh User Group member since 1994. In John’s ideal World, every one and every institution should be granted the choice to use an Apple Macintosh ... and as he often says “Because Once You Go Mac You Will Never Go Back”. 



Hoson Pang, Vice Chairman

If there is an award for the most "gadget-crazy-person" in Hong Kong, Hoson will be the winner. 

Whatever is out there, Hoson will have bought, tested and thoroughly reviewed it before you even knew it's out there. 

Hoson is using an iPhone Xs Max, an Apple Watch, an iPad Pro and a bunch of Macs. He's also hosting his own server from his home.


Joseph Wong, Secretary

Whenever you see a calm, quiet person on an iPad mini typing away, chances are high you have met Joseph. Joseph is living in Hong Kong and retired from aircraft maintenance with Northwest Airlines. He is responsible to document all the committee meetings and keep track of our member database.

Joseph will also do the lucky-draw at the monthly meetings. So you better be nice to him.... 


Edward Spodick, Treasurer

Edward has been a Mac user since he was able to hold a keyboard. He's been living and working in Hong Kong since the 1990s and has been known for taking huge efforts to import the latest IT hardware into Hong Kong. (He had to wait for his G4 as the US government considered the computing power as a "weapon" and prohibited any export outside of the U.S. - watch the video here). As the Chief IT nerd, he's running the IT infrastructure at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.  


Herman Lam, SysOp, a.k.a. Janitor

Herman had been a guest member with HKMUG since late 2002, became an Executive Committee member in 2009, and has taken up SysOp in March 2016.

He enjoys assisting people who have problems with everything Apple, helping them to set up with routine maintenance, and offering tech-support/troubleshooting during leisure time, even though he is not too sure what he is doing most of the time.

Herman too retired from aircraft engineering, and used to be working as a janitor at the fruit company. He is now working at the fashion company, which their ex-CEO has recently left his ex-company.